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frank's PEAK and PINNACLE memberships are designed to help ambitious women reach new heights. These year-long programs allow for curated groups to plan, embark or forge ahead on their journey, solidify their footing and climb to the next level in pursuit of their professional & personal goals for the balance of 2020 and beyond.

No matter how rocky the terrain, our PEAK & PINNACLE memberships will provide fresh perspectives, a new set of tools and a like-minded community that allows you to trailblaze through your challenges and live your best life.

Our passionate, close-knit group helps you zero in on the most effective ways to tackle your roadblocks and propels you forward with strategic insights, solutions and confidence so you can thrive.

We celebrate the highs and support the lows, offering thoughtful feedback based on experience and retrospective learnings so you can reach your goals. 

Our experienced facilitators will coach the groups in leadership development and peer-mentorship. Discussions and brainstorming will focus on YOUR unique challenges, giving you new perspectives and a clarity on how to propel forward towards whatever is next. 

peak & pinnacle schedules

We are excited to offer our sought-after frank membership program at two convenient times. The 12 sessions will be held via Zoom.

PEAK Membership - Monthly session on Thursday mornings, 8:15am-9:45am


PINNACLE Membership - Monthly session on Thursday evenings, 8:00pm-9:30pm



2020: October 29, November 12, December 10

2021: January 5 - "New Year, New Goals Workshop" with the entire frank community on TUESDAY evening at 8:00pm EST.

February 11, March 18, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9


* Dates are subject to change. The first session will occur once the group curation has been finalized. If you are selected to join frank, you will be placed in either PEAK or PINNACLE based on your time preference. Sorry, there is no switching between time slots.

give & gain

  • Hand-picked “personal advisory board” of inspiring women who complement & empower your personal and professional goals
  • No-BS feedback from other experienced, high-performing professionals & entrepreneurs who’ve been exactly where you are
  • Shortened learning curve, blind spot detection & best practice advice
  • Lifelong supporters, connectors & door-openers
  • Sharpened leadership & communication skills, applicable to every area of your life
  • Next step planning as you become accountable & build momentum
  • Newfound inspiration, energy & encouragement from the wisdom of the group
  • Accountability partners to keep your progress in check between sessions
  • Access to a private messaging group designed to share resources and provide real-time answers & advice from other frank members, as well as the frank leadership/coaching team 
  • A safe, open & 100% confidential environment
  • A network of like-minded women, ready to support your journey
  • Access to exclusive workshops, events & learning opportunities

date & time

PEAK Membership - Monthly session on Thursday mornings, 8:15am-9:45am EST

PINNACLE Membership - Monthly session on Thursday evenings, 8:00pm-9:30pm EST




$775 CAD + tax* / $600 USD
* frank offers a 3% discount to Canadians who pay via e-transfer.

about our facilitator - peak

Vienna Blum is driven by the magic that occurs when groups come together to learn from each other, to listen deeply and with genuine curiosity. She has over 15 years of experience working with teams in the corporate, non-profit and educational sectors, where her ability to elevate diverse groups through meaningful collaboration has set her apart.

With an open heart and mind, she helps both teams and individuals address the underlying issues that deplete productivity, clarity and creativity in organizations. Vienna infuses courage and compassion into her sessions, creating space for participants to bravely explore new avenues and ways of being together.

* Facilitator subject to change.

about our facilitator - pinnacle

Marie-Joelle (MJ) Charlebois seeks to understand what truly allows us to show up as ourselves in every aspect of our lives. She has over 15 years experience in facilitation and developing talent within creative industries including performance arts, video game production and marketing agencies.

With curiosity and empathy, she helps people connect and cultivate courage in order to find shared understandings about the challenges they face. She holds space with authenticity, allowing real talk and heartfelt inspiration to bloom into exploration of new pathways forward. 

* Facilitator subject to change.

Erica Diamond
Erica Diamond

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