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frank women’s leadership is transforming the way women lead.
Our corporate programs empower executives and managers to build their strengths, sharpen their skills and grow their leadership position within their organizations.

Frank - How it Works

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Frank - How it Works

company impact

Increase retention and job satisfaction by investing in female employees.

Recognize & develop leaders and high-potential employees.

Connect, engage & support employees navigating an evolving workplace.

Foster leadership, communication & problem-solving skills within teams.

Promote status as a top employer.

Activate the company's women’s leadership initiative.

key leadership competencies

Leadership skills - Evaluation of difficult decisions & communication strategies.

Team management - Optimizing the team, providing actionable feedback and fostering relationships.

Executive presence - Gaining confidence, resilience and optimizing role as a leader.

Organization - ​​Prioritizing & managing all aspects of life for efficiency.

Well-rounded life - ​​Career development with a focus on mindfulness & wellness.

how it works

frank empowers executive-level women to gain clarity and confidence to level up their professional and personal lives. Anchored in self-discovery & empowerment, our strategic sessions focus on real-life scenarios for optimized solutions, allowing participants to show up fully and make a big impact in all that they do.

collaborate with frank women's leadership

exclusive corporate masterminds

“Personal advisory board” of executive or mid-level emerging leaders from various departments. Led by frank's professional coach/facilitator, participants maximize their potential through experience-based feedback and expand their toolbox with coaching techniques that can be self-applied and used to develop teams.

custom corporate workshops

frank’s signature workshop format, customized to reflect your company’s needs. Guided by frank's professional coach/facilitator, themes can include: amplifying strengths, building resilience, setting priorities & boundaries, work/life integration, giving & receiving feedback.

multi-disciplinary cohort integration

Sponsorship of a qualified leader into one of frank’s seasonal multi-disciplinary, cross functional cohorts. Our passionate cohorts zeros-in on the most effective ways to optimize opportunities and provide strategic insights and solutions so members can thrive.

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