how it works

Frank - How it Works

small groups, big impact

Small groups of carefully curated women are guided by a professional coach & facilitator in peer-mentorship.

Each interactive session allows for open sharing, supporting and learning on the most pressing topics: business, family and personal life.

In other words, our real deal daily realities.

what’s in it for you

A fresh perspective. A new set of tools. A like-minded community that allows you to level up and live your best life, period.

Our passionate, close-knit group zeros-in on the most effective ways to tackle your challenges and propels you forward with strategic insights and solutions so you can thrive.

We celebrate the highs and support the lows, offering thoughtful feedback based on experience and retrospective learnings so you can reach your goals.

Hand-picked “personal advisory board” of inspiring women who complement & empower your personal and professional goals

No-BS feedback from other experienced, high-performing professionals & entrepreneurs who’ve been exactly where you are

Shortened learning curve, blind spot detection & best practice advice

Lifelong supporters, connectors & door-openers

Sharpened leadership & communication skills, applicable to every area of your life

Next steps planning as you become accountable & build momentum

Newfound inspiration, energy & encouragement from the wisdom of the group

Frank - How it Works

who's it for

As we curate each advisory board based on diversity, synergies and aligned goals, we’re looking for frank members who:

  • Are ambitious, hard-working Executives, senior-level professionals or entrepreneurs 
  • Are open to giving & receiving honest, straight-forward advice to help themselves and others propel forward
  • Want to maximize their potential in all aspects of their life, while getting super clear on what to do next
  • Desire a close circle of empowering (and awesome) women who’ve got your back, and your best interests in mind & at heart
  • Are ready to invest in themselves, their future selves & make this year their most off the charts yet